Friday, February 3, 2012

Penny Wars and a Last Day

The Penny Wars have begun!! We've had penny wars* going on for the past few days in our school in effort to raise money for cancer. A very noble cause, and a great way to get the kids motivated! And "motivated" they have been...although most of the said "motivation" has come from wanting to get pennies into the other classroom jars....but, hey, all's well that ends well! hah

Anyway, the penny wars have left my kiddos absolutely LOONY in the morning. Usually they come into the classroom and get right to business! However, now that the penny wars have started it is MASS. CHAOS. And there is nooo stopping it. In all honesty, though, they're excited for something that is an awesome cause--so I really don't mind :)

On another note, today is the last day of one of my littles. She is moving :( I've never lost a student before and let me tell you if I don't shed a few tears after she leaves it'll be miraculous. Her new school is lucky to have such a sweet kiddo.

Happy Friday to all! Have a mondo fabulous weekend!

*For anyone who doesn't know how penny wars work, the goal is to fill your bucket with silver coins, and put pennies into other people's buckets to take away points from them. Super fun :)

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