Friday, May 25, 2012

Bailey School Kids...An oldie, but a goodie

So for the past school year, I've been trying to find a series of books to read aloud to my kiddos. Many different ideas went through my brainbox--Junie B.? Nah. Too young. Roald Dahl? Nope. Too old for my kids. The classics? Some might be above their heads....

THEN. It hit me. It hit me and it'd been right under my nose the WHOLE time.

Bailey School Kids...DUH STEPH!

These were some of my favorite books when I was in 2nd/3rd grade and I can't BELIEVE I didn't think to read them out loud to my littles--especially since our classroom library already has a whole heap of them!

Long story short--the kiddos Luuurve them (with a capital L). The suspense, the clues, the "monsters"....I think it's safe to say that Bailey School is a Hit! Definitely goes on my "Recommendations for 2nd Grade Read Alouds"

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