Saturday, May 26, 2012


So I bought *this*guy earlier this week....

and I've been using him to sort the kiddos unfinished work. It's great because before we were just using an unfinished TRAY. If the kids have unfinished work, I usually have them stay in from 2nd recess to get it done. However, with that little tray, this is how that conversation usually went...

Sweet Little Kiddo: Miss Rudakas, do we need to stay in for unfinished work?
Me: (looks at unfinished tray full of papers and doesn't have the time--or let's be honest, patience-- to really sort through it and figure out who needs to stay in)......NOPE!  Head on out to recess!
Sweet Little Kiddos: YAAAAY!!!

Well this FANTABULOUS organizer has fixed that problem. With the numbered pockets it's so easy to see who needs to stay inside and who can head out. I really do love how super useful it is.

The only problem is.....

It's red.

Like RED red.

Like stoplight red.

Like Rudolf's nose red.

Like sunburn red.

(sidenote: I don't really dig red....if only it came in another color!!)

I like for things to match and go together, and as I don't really like the color red, there's not much of it in my classroom--so this little guy kinda sticks out haha

Oh well. This pocket chart is so darn useful that the color doesn't even matter haha

Anyway, here's the link to where you can order him online:

Mega Cool Pocket Chart

Happy Long Weekend, folks!

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