Sunday, June 17, 2012

That's Pinteresting Saturday (...on Sunday)

Here's another installement of That's Pinteresting Saturday! (....on Sunday...but who's keeping track?)

Cute Beginning of the School Year Door

I don't really have a ton of room to decorate the walls on the outside of the classroom, so I thought this would be a cute way to welcome the new 2nd graders--I'll be doing a rendition of this next year :)

Classroom Reward Ideas

How cute are these little rewards?! I found the link on pinterest, but the original blog is Fabulous Firsties. I did a prize box this year and, honestly, it took up a lot of time (and $$)...this seems much more practical and FUN! :)

Adorable Classroom Library Set-Up

From the milk crate seats to the tissue paper balls hanging from the ceiling, there is NOTHING I don't LOVE about this little classroom library set-up. I will definitely be taking a page out of this blogger's book and setting mine up in a similar way this coming fall--but in orange and baby blue :) She has so many more great ideas on her blog--be sure to click and follow the link! It's totally worth it.

Student Work in the Hallways--Now Cute AND Practical 

I'm not gonna lie, when I saw this it blew my mind a little. What a great way to not only display student work, but to show their growth as the year progresses?! I'll definitely be doing a version of this next year. Plus, having the students decorate their own little name cards is just too. stinkin. cute. love it.

Our Classroom Motto

We say this ALL the time in my classroom and when I saw this on Pinterest it was just too perfect because of the orange and the blue! Maybe I should just wear it as a sandwich board....

Welp, there you have it--My That's Pinteresting Saturday. Have a great night, friends! Thanks for reading!


  1. Yea another second grade blog to follow! Love your pinteresting Saturday. Have you checked out Endless Pinabilities? It's the same sort of concept! You should join up! You have some awesome pins listed here. I absolutely love the work put on a ring. Very neat. I also loved the picture of the boy and calling his teacher "mom". That does happen oh so much! Too cute!

    Reaching for the TOP!

  2. Love the classroom rewards! They have so much at home already, I think they value priviledges more.

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  3. Just found your blog! I'm also a new 2nd grade blogger - yay! I agree that classroom coupons are the way to go!!

    Teaching Maddeness

  4. I love the idea of showing the work throughout the year! Thanks for sharing. I am a new follower.
    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students

  5. Steph, I just gave you the "One Lovely Blog Award". Check out my blog to receive it :)

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

  6. I'm moving to second grade next year, after teaching third grade for 14 years. I'm your newest follower!

    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

  7. I'm a new follower! & I used "stinky feet" as a reward for my kids this past year. They looooved it! And I obviously loved it because it's free!

    Third Grade in the First State

  8. Love this post! Thanks for pointing me toward some great ideas!

    I'm your newest follower! I'm always looking for a 2nd grade classroom to follow. :-)

    2nd Grade Pad