Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tell Me More Linky Party!

You know me, I love a good linky party and I feel like *this* is a GREAT one :) I'm linking up with Amy Lemons over at Step into Second Grade and sharing a little bit about myself with you!

My Baby Brother and I at our most recent trip to Disney

I'm extremely close with my family. I have one brother (who is in college still) and my parents who still live in the home where my brother and I grew up--though now it has a pool....after my brother and I have left the nest...go figure. I see them every day--no really, every. day. I love it :)

Just sittin' around being adorable. 
I am in LOVE with my Dog, Rory. He's 14 weeks old and (literally) the most adorable puppy ever. He thinks he's a lot tougher than he actually is. Dogs really are a girl's best friend :) Although I have to say, he thinks taking all the toilet paper off the roll and dragging it through the apartment is really fun...I disagree. 

I LOOOOVE junk food. Pringles, cookies, chips and dip, Doritos, s'mores...I'm all about it. I also love all fast food--seriously, throw some Taco Bell or McDonald's--Heck! Even Long John Silvers!-- my way and I will love you forever. I do occasionally have those moments where I think about not eating so much junk...then I go to Wendy's. Oh well! We all have our flaws. haha

I'm a pray-er. I talk to the Lord on a daily basis. In all honesty though, I pray most often while I'm in the shower...I have no idea why! haha Though, I'm told that God hears your prayers even when you're in the midst of lathering, rinsing, and repeating. 

Me (many moons ago...) as Catherine in Pippin

I've done theatre for most of my life. I've been in over 45 different productions and was lucky enough to dabble in some professional theatre when I was really young. Sometimes I miss being on stage, but I miss all the backstage funtime shenanigans even more :) Though, to be honest, I do still sing and dance around my apartment on a daily basis...Rory doesn't mind the singing, but he really doesn't dig the dancing. I think he'll eventually just learn to deal. 

I can't wait to learn more about all of you!! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Rory is soooo cute! My dog used to do that with tp too! She's 3 now and I still don't keep in within her reach :).