Monday, July 23, 2012

That's Pinteresting Monday!

Ok, ok. I know this was supposed to get posted on Saturday....but it's summer and the days just kinda fly away from you. It happens and it can't be helped. haha

Here are my favorite pins from the past week :)

Printables Organized

I really dig this idea for organizing printables and handouts--great way to stay organized. And check out that snazzy box at the end for "next week" it. I love to plan ahead, so figuring out where to put all the "next week" stuff was always a puzzle.

Quiet Critters

So these little guys are just too cute. You give the kiddos a couple at the beginning of a lesson they need to be especially quite for, and if they get chatty they get their critter taken away--the kiddos with all their critters left at the end of the lesson get to move their clips up. Fabulous :)

Transportation Clips

Enough Said. Hello no more transportation mix-ups. Love. It.

Number of the Day Sheets

I used something similar to this in the mornings last year and really liked it--I think I may put together "Morning Books" for my kiddos to have with word and number of the day sheets ready to go....hmmm.... :)

...And Ryan. 

Why thanks, Ryan. You really are too sweet.

Happy Monday, Sweet Teacher Friends!! :)


  1. LOVE that first pin. Such a great organizational tool AND its super cute! =)

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  2. I also am loving those daily organizational containers. I so need something like that in my classroom!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure