Monday, September 10, 2012

Kids Say The Darndest Things (About My Marital Status) MEGA POST!

I am not a married lady. This is just fine with me, as I'm sure prince charming will make an appearance at some point. However, since he's still off fighting dragons, or whatever I'm perfectly fine not being married.

My kidlets are not so ok with this. This group of chillins is particularly distracted by the fact that I am a *gasp* unmarried woman!! And some of the resulting conversations have been HILARIOUS. So I thought I'd share :)

Conversation Numero Uno:
It's the end of the day and the kidlets are all getting ready to go--I have a particularly enthusiastic hugger wrapped around my waist and he is at this point now in danger of missing his bus.

Me: Sweetie, thank you for the hug but you really need to skedaddle--the bus is coming and you don't want to be late.

Him: Nope!! I'm going to keep hugging you!

Me: Thank you, buddy, but it's time. I don't want you to miss your bus, my friend!


*cue my (very loud) laughter*

Another Kidlet: Miss Rudakas, you laugh like a princess!

Conversation Numero Dos
The class is doing a lesson on finding "good fit books" (thank you daily 5...) and using shoes as an analogy.

Me: (holding up a black high heel shoe) Now how might I use this kind of shoe?

Kidlet 1: Out dancing!

Kidlet 2: On a dinner date!

Kidlet 3: Wedding shoe!!

Kidlet 2: Nuh uh. Her wedding shoes would be WHITE.

Me: Well, what if I was a guest at the wedding?

Kidlet 2: I was talking about your wedding. You should have one of those! Have you tried online dating?

All the Kidlets: Yeah!! Have you tried that?

Me: Haha Let's get back to the lesson.

Conversation Numero Tres
Cheerfully putting book bags back onto the hooks as we transition to something else

Kidlet: Miss Rudakas, don't worry.

Me: Worry about what, sweetheart?

Kidlet: You'll be married in three years. I'm a future teller, so I know.

Me: *laughing* I'll be sure to write that down, nugget.

I guess you never realize how silly these kiddos brainboxes are until you have a conversation with them! That being said, it's these silly moments that really and truly make me LOVE (all caps were definitely necessary) being a primary teacher :)


  1. That is so funny! I'm unmarried too and it's been a bit of a discussion this year for us too!

    A Pirates Life for Us

  2. I get this kind of stuff all the time! "Miss F, don't you wish you had a husband who could help you grade your papers?" Hahaha, I laughed so hard when a little one said that to me last year!

    Third Grade in the First State

  3. That is so funny! I am not married but my kiddos don't seem to mind so much. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac: Pencil Sharpener Giveaway!

  4. How funny!! Those kinds of comments make everyday worth going to school. The online dating is the best one!

  5. I am totally laughing out loud right now...thanks for sharing!

    Carrie :)
    The First Grade Derby