Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Help Please!

Our classroom has been infected with little tattle-bugs! What I mean is, I have never had a group of students so completely interested in tattling on one another and getting each other into trouble. Has anyone run into this problem in their own classroom?! I'm looking for any suggestions. Please leave a comment--my sanity may depend on it!


  1. Not a fun thing to have to deal with or go through. my favorite suggestion for you is to bring an old phone into your classroom, and anytime someone wants to tattle, they can tell "Tattling Tammy" by picking up the phone and tattling into the phone. That way you don't have to deal with it!
    Another great idea from a mentor teacher of mine is to get a box and use it as a "morning meeting" box. designate 1-2 morning meetings a week to go through any concerns of the class, noted by putting notes in the box. Students can write down what they need to, stick it in the box, and your class as a democracy can come up with the best way to handle each situation that is brought up. The students won't want to keep rehashing the tattling situations, and will (hopefully) put less and less notes in the box, that way you don't have to hear them tattling every minute of the day!!

    I hope these two help!!
    The Gypsy Teacher
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  2. A teacher at my school has a mailbox on her desk. If students have anything they need to tell her (including tattling) she makes them write her a note and put it in the box. She tells them that she will read the notes each afternoon. This cuts down on tattling because 1) A majority of students don't care enough to take the time to write down the tattle. 2) The teacher doesn't have to deal with it during class. 3) By the time the teacher gets around to reading it, the child has already forgotten about it. Hah!

  3. Hi! Just found you, I am a new 2nd grade blogger, and I adore your posts! I love your personality! So cute!! Tattling...I simply listen to them shortly... to see if it's important for me to hear, then if it's not needing my attention, I ask them, "What can you do about that?" After they tell me, I say, "Now go tell them that, and work it out." Seems to work smoothly! Plus, it teaches them to problem solve, which is why they are tattling in the first place. They aren't problem solvers yet. I'm your newest follower!
    Amy Howbert

    Little Miss Organized