Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My "Have a Real Life" Plan

Fall Break was a hoot. and. a. half. Between the haunted houses, the Halloween parties, the fun sized candy (I'm lookin' at you mini almond joy...), the apple cider, the costume craziness, and birthday shopping (less than one week! Eep!!) I am just WORN OUT. But in a good way :) You know what I'm talkin' about. The kind of worn out you get after a really great, but really busy weekend.

Anywho, back to the point of this post! My "Have a Real Life" Plan.

This was something I developed last year when I realized that my sweet teaching job was turning into my 24/7 life. I love teaching with all my heart and soul, but the 17 hour days were making me love it a little less (all you first year teachers out there, you know where I'm coming from, right?). So thus was born, my "Have a Real Life" Plan.

I came up with a weekly system to help me get everything done at school and have minimal work to take home with me at night. Using this plan, I am OUT of the BUILDING by 4:00 and not bringing anything home with me! Wahoo!! Ok, well except if I have something extra super special happening that week and I want to do some more funsie planning at home. But all the usual, regular stuff is done by the end of the school day! Again, WAHOO!

*This is the plan I use in my classroom that works for me--if you want to give it a try or tweak it for use in your own classroom please do so!! I picked Monday and Thursday for my grading days because those are the days my kidlets have gym and music (not just because the alliteration in the name worked...though that may have played a small part in my decision...haha), which gives me time to actually grade.

* The only time I stray from The Plan is shortened weeks and the end of the grading period when report cards are getting ready to be sent out.

*drum roll please.....* THE PLAN!!

Manic (Grading) Monday

  • As stated in the name, Manic (Grading) Monday is the day I reserve to do a lot of my catch up grading. You know, all the grading that totally should've happened last week but definitely didn't? In my opinion, that's why the Good Lord created Mondays :)

Techie Tuesday

  • Tuesdays are reserved for updating all technology related things...online grade book, blog, new (computer created) things for my classroom, updating computerized student files, yada yada yada

What's Next? Wednesday

  • Ahhh, planning day. This is the day I use my lunch hour to plan for the next week or two. I hunker down with my lean cuisine and get to it. I spend the 1/2 hour after school is done making all the copies--however, while I'm planning I'm also writing down each and every thing I need to copy so that I'm ready to go after school. 

Thoroughly Graded by Thursday

  • Another Grading Day. Self Explanatory Name.

Finalize It Friday

  • I double check to make sure grading is caught up, planning is done, copies are made and plans are finalized, organized, and ready to go for the next week.

TA DA!! There you have it, my friendlies. My go-to weekly plan for still having a life outside of school. Let me know if you try it and if it works for you too! 


  1. I think this is a super big problem for so many of us! I got better at not taking stuff home. Then my job changed this year and I am back to lots of hours again (my poor husband :). So I need to look at my "plan" again.

    Anyways...I am your newest follower...thanks to "currently." Looking forward to following you. Hope you can check out my blog, as well :)