Friday, November 9, 2012

Inferencing Up a Storm!

This week me and my kidlets have been inference CRAZY! We've talked about how making an inference is like cooking up a pot of soup--mixing what you've read (or what you see) and what you already know inside your brainbox to create inference soup!

One of the activities we did involved diving into my purse (Yes. My Real Life Honest To Goodness This is What I Keep My Life In Purse.), pulling things out, and making inferences based on what we found inside! The kidlets. Went. Bonkers. "We get to look though your PURSE?!?!?!?" "Yes! You do!"

Here is the chart we came up with, listing the items that we found and the inferences we were able to draw.

Yes. I do keep a coffee mug in my purse. I may like coffee a little *too* much :) 

It was a fun and different way to approach making inferences--this is definitely an activity I plan to repeat next year. Let me know if any of you out there in blog land decide to try it out!

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