Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reindeer Games

We have been super busy with all things REINDEER (and having waaay too much fun.) Like I mentioned before, I purchased Hope King's Run Run Reindeer Unit and it was just too much awesome for one post.

She's a genius. Besides the point. 

Anywho! My favorite part of her unit is the Reindeer Chow behavior incentive. The week leading up  to break, the kidlets earn money towards a sweet treat at the end of the week (i.e. REINDEER CHOW!!, like, trailmix...BUT IT'S REINDEER CHOW!!) 

The kids (and I) were just so excited this week about all the fun holiday activities that it was a really nice way to keep them focused and goal oriented even with a case of the Christmastime Crazies. Here are some pictures of our Reindeer Chow adventure. I set up a sort of "store" where the students got called up a few at a time and could use the money they earned to purchase tickets--each ticket with a different food on it (goldfish, chocolate covered pretzels, whoppers, M & M's, etc.). They then took that ticket over to our horseshoe table where our fabulous parent helper was waiting to help them put their chow together. It was such a fun afternoon and I, of course, can't wait to do this activity again next year.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12 in 12 Linky Party!

I'm linking up with the 12 in '12 Linky Party (Hosted by Miss Kindergarten) and GUESS WHAT--You should too :)

12. Favorite Movie:
I LOVED the Hunger Games. Loved. It. The soundtrack, the actors, the costumes, the special effects, the story....oh the story. I loved the books and was so pumped for the movie to come out...and it didn't disappoint :) Cannot WAIT for Catching Fire.

11. Favorite TV Series:
To put it lightly, I'm a TV junkie. I love watching TV and I sort of feel like TV is going through some sort of Renaissance--there are SO many good SHOWS!!! Though, I think my favorite favorite would have to be New Girl. It is so funny every week and never skips a beat :) Love it. 

10. Favorite Restaurant:
I feel like a pretty lucky little duck because my town has so many cute little restaurants. And though Chipotle and Noodles and Company will always hold a special place in my heart, there's this restaurant in town that has bewitched me heart and soul--It's called The Valley, and they have these truffle fries that are so delicious I want to WEEP. Smothered in truffle oil and cheese, they are perfect. 

9. Favorite New Thing I've Tried:
My favorite new thing I've tried has been Daily 5. I love how independent my little kiddos are and how quickly they move from center to center. It really gives me time to sit with my guided reading group and FOCUS on how to best help them. Love that focus time :)

8. Favorite Gift You Got:
For my birthday, I got a BEAUTIFUL pair of black boots. I wear them on an almost daily basis...and basically  I love them so much it hurts :)

7. Favorite Thing I Pinned:

Ok, I realize that is just a picture of a table setting--but what it REALLY is (if you follow the link....) is a website called Pink Pistachio. Missy at Pink Pistachio is FABULOUS. She has so many wonderful ideas and tips and tutorials and just....everything. She's wonderful!!

Also, this :)

6. Favorite Blog Post: All of you guys have such AWESOME posts it's really difficult to pick just one. However, that being said, I really enjoy the math centers created by Hope King over at Second Grade Shenanigans. These math centers are PERFECT for my early finishers and a great way to constantly reinforce those basic math concepts--plus they're themed for each month! And you know how I love a good theme.... :)

5. Best Accomplishment:
I was never a runner. Ever. Like, seriously friends, I was the only girl to get a B in freshmen year gym class because I couldn't run a mile. This year I ran two races: A 10 Mile-er and a 15k. Crossing that finish line was maybe one of the proudest moments of my young life. I was told not to do the race, I was told that people didn't think I could do it. I did it anyway--and if I can then you definitely can!

4. Favorite Picture:
This one of my very best friends (Shel) and I at Thanksgiving.
She has accomplished so much this year and I'm so proud of
her that I could just BUST.
3. Favorite Memory:
My favorite memory would have to be the week of my 24th birthday. It. Was. Perfect. I had a wonderful dinner with my family, a fabulous night with my friends, we went to Chicago and I laughed more than I thought humanly possible (ab workout? Check!). My friends even woke me up at midnight the eve of my birthday in order to sing happy birthday and put a tiny tiara on my head. I am so blessed :) It was perfect.

2. Goal for 2013:
I want to do MORE. I want to be less lazy. I heard a quote (and now I'm totally gonna get it wrong), but it said something along the lines of, "Next time you think about how long a goal is going to take, think about the fact that that time is going to pass anyway." I want to do more with my afternoons than sit on my couch and catch up on my favorite TV shows. I want to be actively in the process of making my life better--constantly.
Good luck, self!

1. One Little Word:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New--and a shameless plug!

Hi Friendlies,

So I've started something new. Another bloggity blog. This will be a personal blog about all the things that I've really super want to share with you that aren't necessarily teaching related! You know, pinterest attempts, funny and/or poignant anecdotes, fashion-ie fun finds, recipes and (hopefully!) laughable tales of their marginal success, and whatever life decides to throw my way!

I felt like I needed a personal blog that I could share with you because so many times I wanted to tell ya'll about something, but then was hit with the thought, "Darnit...that's not really teaching related...could I make it teaching Shoot." And I was really tired of having that internal conversation with my self! And, let's be honest, that external conversation with Rory.

It would mean so much to me if you would take a minute and stop by! Maybe even follow?? Eh? Ehh?? It's still brand spankin' new, so, at present, there is only one post (haha), but I hope you'll have some faith in me and decide to follow anyway with the idea that there will eventually be MORE than one post :)

Anywho--here's the link! (It's so new I don't even have a button yet--for (blogging) shame!)

Sparkly, Quirky Lifebox

I hope to see you there!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Currently

And (what??) it's on time too?!?! What is this world coming too?? Maybe the Mayans were right....psych! Anywho, here's my (on time) December Currently--Thanks Farley :)

Listening: Holiday. Music. For so long, I didn't really dig the whole holiday music thing. I'm pretty sure it was because I worked in retail for a while and when you work in retail they play the same 12 Christmas songs over and over and over again and it turns you into a big 'ol grinch. But now that I've had some time away from the wonderful world of retail, my heart has grown three sizes and I'm all about that holiday cheer :)

Loving: Keeping the theme, I'm LOVING my Christmas Tree right now. It's sparkly and silver and PERFECT! Thanks Momma for the help on that one :) Seriously, ya'll I lucked out in the Mom department. She's an interior designer and has the magical ability to look at ANYTHING and make it beautiful. Everyone has gifts and that is hers. It's like being besties with Martha Stewart--but better because she's not cray cray. 

Thinking: About all of those holiday deals..... The Shabby Apple has some great ones right now. I also can't stop thinking about all the fun stuff at Charming Charlie's...they're accessories are so great and so reasonably priced! I also can't stop thinking about the Reindeer Unit (Curtesy of Hope King over at Second Grade Shenanigans) my kidlets and I are going to be starting soon. We did this unit last year with my sweeties and it was a HUGE success. If you're looking for a great way to ring in the Holiday Season and stay aligned to the Common Core--then this unit is for you :) 

Wanting: I have a cold. I want it to skedaddle out of here and never come back. Never ever ever. (Thanks for that one, T. Swift)

Needing: TO GRADE. I have a big pile of papers with my name on it (well, technically it has all the names of my sweet little friends but that's neither here nor there...).

RAK: I want to go above and beyond for my family this holiday season. I'm not sure how I'll be doing it yet (I'm thinking something along the lines of making them dinner at my place and making everything look pretty for them....maybe? Any other ideas??) but I'll for sure be making it happen. I love them so dearly. 

Welp! Thanks for reading! I can't wait to see what everyone else is up to this time of year! :)  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Exciting Things!

Hi Friendlies! I'm so super pumped to tell you exciting news :) I was recently contacted by Shabby Apple to become one of their affiliates. I feel pretty honored because I am just in LOVE with all of their clothes. Seriously, this website is teacher outfit heaven, but instead of puffy white clouds and pearly gates there are pretty white sweaters and pearly necklaces. Classy, modest, unique, perfect. So now, every once in a while, I'll be sharing some of my favorite Shabby Apple fashion-ie finds with you! Hooray for pretty things!

Let's look at some of the pretties, shall we?? Because let's face it, who doesn't love some Saturday shopping? Did I mention that a lot of it is on SALE?! Sale. It's basically my favorite word right next to coffee and the phrase "free gift with purchase."

The After Class Dress
How adorable is this dress?? This is TOTALLY something I'd wear to school. I love that it has a long hem. What's more is that this dress is pretty much perfect for going from school to a nice dinner with the family or a date with the husby!

The Ticket Booth Blouse 
This little top is just too perfect. The detailing at the neck, the fact that it's not superskintight , and the pretty color make it a winner :)

The Preppy Lady Pump
Shoes. Beautiful shoes with a vintage vibe. Enough said.

Check out their site if you get the chance--there's a link over on my side bar, as well as links below this post! There are so many fabulous things to see and buy. Happy Shopping!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Even fun finds for the little apples in your life!
Little Girls Dresses from Shabby Apple