Saturday, December 1, 2012

Exciting Things!

Hi Friendlies! I'm so super pumped to tell you exciting news :) I was recently contacted by Shabby Apple to become one of their affiliates. I feel pretty honored because I am just in LOVE with all of their clothes. Seriously, this website is teacher outfit heaven, but instead of puffy white clouds and pearly gates there are pretty white sweaters and pearly necklaces. Classy, modest, unique, perfect. So now, every once in a while, I'll be sharing some of my favorite Shabby Apple fashion-ie finds with you! Hooray for pretty things!

Let's look at some of the pretties, shall we?? Because let's face it, who doesn't love some Saturday shopping? Did I mention that a lot of it is on SALE?! Sale. It's basically my favorite word right next to coffee and the phrase "free gift with purchase."

The After Class Dress
How adorable is this dress?? This is TOTALLY something I'd wear to school. I love that it has a long hem. What's more is that this dress is pretty much perfect for going from school to a nice dinner with the family or a date with the husby!

The Ticket Booth Blouse 
This little top is just too perfect. The detailing at the neck, the fact that it's not superskintight , and the pretty color make it a winner :)

The Preppy Lady Pump
Shoes. Beautiful shoes with a vintage vibe. Enough said.

Check out their site if you get the chance--there's a link over on my side bar, as well as links below this post! There are so many fabulous things to see and buy. Happy Shopping!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Even fun finds for the little apples in your life!
Little Girls Dresses from Shabby Apple

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  1. Wow! You are right! They have super cute clothes. Thanks for the post.