Monday, February 25, 2013


Ok folks. So I was perusing pinterest the other day and came across what is (in my opinion) one of the COOLEST teaching pins I've seen in a while and needed to share with you.

I was getting a little fed up with my work on writing centers. I tried to follow the Daily 5 sisters to the "T", but the thing is my little kidlets this year were just not feeling work on I was desperate to tweak it and make it more exciting for them.

Enter Pinterest Fate and/or Destiny.

I found *THIS PIN*

It's lean. It's mean. It's themed. There are different (ready-made....I REPEAT. READY MADE!!) writing centers for every month of the school year. EVERY. MONTH. I have died and gone to work on writing heaven. Seriously, I'm in nirvana here and everything is right with the world.

Ok, so set-up is a bit much. But think about it this way--now you'll have awesome monthly themed writing centers for the whole entire year and next year and next year forever and ever amen.

I'm happier than Yogi Bear with a picnic basket. Let me know if any of you wonderfully creative teachers out there get a chance to try it!