Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Great Butter Battle

Our classroom has been a little bit Suess Crazy for the past couple weeks!

(I'm just sayin' why celebrate for a day when you could celebrate for two weeks??)

Yesterday, we honored the Great Butter Battle with our very own Butter Battle Experiment! If you throw a buttered slice of bread up into the air, will it land butter side up or butter side down more often?

To prep us for our experiement, we watched this little gem of a video on

The kidlets filled out a hypothesis page that included a hypothesis for both the student as an individual and for the group they were working in, a page that asked them to graph their results, and an experiment analysis page.

I've posted our project on TPT so you can do it too--here's the linkity link! The kids really had a fun time with it--for some reason, throwing buttered bread up in the air really is just a hoot and a half :) Who knew?!

Friday, March 8, 2013

March Currently

WHOOPS! A little late on this one....Thanks Farley!

Listening: Ok, this song is (as one of my students would say...) FABU. It makes me wanna hop around my apartment like a lunatic and sing into my hairbrush :)

Loving: Has anyone else out in bloggy land read The Fault In Our Stars??? I had every intention of starting only the first chapter last night before drifting off into dreamland....50 some pages later, I've fallen in LURVE with this book. It's wonderfully written. If you haven't read it yet, stop what you're doing and run immediately to the nearest book store to pick it up. You won't be sorry that you did!

Thinking: There's a semi-empty bulletin board in my room that desperately needs some of my undivided attention...

Wanting: Two of my nearest and dearest friendlies and I are heading off to Nashville for some Honkey Tonkin' the first part of spring break and we are just so excited we can't stand it :) Can't wait for some warmer weather than what we've got up here....

Needing: The grading sits there...taunting me.....ugh. Need to get that done.....

Like: Cooking. I never used to dig cooking until recently. Now, I can't wait to cook for my friends. It's one of my new favorite passtimes.

Love: BLOGGING! Duh :)

Hate: Canceled plans. Don't you cancel those plans on me. Reschedule them? Sure! Cancel? Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Edit: Ok, so I'm a total direction ignorer and didn't have a like, love, hate that started with the same letter as my name!! My students would be so disappointed in me...haha

SO! My new Like Love Hate that Follows the Directions is....

Like: Sillyness
Love: Starbucks Coffee
Hate: SPOILED Plans

haHA! Fixed it :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where ya'll from??

I'm linking up with Fifth in the Middle to share where I'm from!

I'm a (very proud!) Indiana Blogger! I love my little state and couldn't be prouder to be from a good old fashioned midwest town.

Seriously, sometimes it's like living in Stars Hallow from Gilmore Girls.

There are festivals, parades, and sometimes you'll go to breakfast in the morning and someone will (seriously!) come up to you and say "Hey! I saw you at Target the other day--hows your dog doing??" Because that's how small-town it is.

I love it :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Suessie Suess Stuff

...and a new classroom display!

March 1st is here and that means changing up the room again! We're all lovin' on Dr. Suess right now (especially The Lorax!), so we've brought some of our favorite stories into the classroom this month. :)

Here's our new funzie bulletin board! I drew our little Lorax friend and the Trufulla trees are made out of tissue paper. Here's a great tutorial by Martha Stuart on how to make them!

Besides the usual Dr. Suess favorites, our class has really latched onto a new favorite story book.

These stories are just too much fun!! They're relatively short as far as read-alouds go, which is nice because they're a good way to fill that little bit of time between transitions. Here's a link to the book on Amazon!

I'd love to hear what you're all doing! Our week of Suessie Fun Time has only just begun..... :)