Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Great Butter Battle

Our classroom has been a little bit Suess Crazy for the past couple weeks!

(I'm just sayin' why celebrate for a day when you could celebrate for two weeks??)

Yesterday, we honored the Great Butter Battle with our very own Butter Battle Experiment! If you throw a buttered slice of bread up into the air, will it land butter side up or butter side down more often?

To prep us for our experiement, we watched this little gem of a video on

The kidlets filled out a hypothesis page that included a hypothesis for both the student as an individual and for the group they were working in, a page that asked them to graph their results, and an experiment analysis page.

I've posted our project on TPT so you can do it too--here's the linkity link! The kids really had a fun time with it--for some reason, throwing buttered bread up in the air really is just a hoot and a half :) Who knew?!