Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hi there :)

I had a blog. I feel like when I say that sentence to people, I have to use the past tense...had. And that makes me feel sad in my heartbox.

SO! I made a decision today. I decided to come back. Blogging makes me a better teacher. It allows me to keep up with what you're all doing in your creative and wonderful classrooms and it makes me want to be wonderful and creative with you. 

So I'm back. I'm back to blogging.

Hi there :)

OO Also, if any of you have suggestions--my blog needs a makeover. Badly. She needs a change. Who did your blog designs? I want mine to look cute and pretty toooo! 

1 comment:

  1. Honey Bunch made mine and I totally know how you feel. I am also trying to be a better blogger and so today I took my camera to my classroom and took some photos! Take pictures as much as you can! :)