Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Writing Editing Checklists--For Primary AND Intermediate!

Hi Friends!

So, I'd started another writing project with my kiddos and as they were editing I realized I wanted them to go through more "concrete" steps in their editing processes. It seemed like they were just kind of skimming over their partner's work with a "Yep! That looks ok to me!" without really checking it.

And so (out of necessity) was born the Peer Editing Checklist!!

I loved how it got them to really think through each step of the editing process. So I got to thinkin' and I realized that I would want to use something similar to this when I moved up to 4th grade (eek! Still so excited!!) next year.....

And so (out of future necessity) was born the Peer Editing Checklist for Intermediate Grades!!

From there, I went a little nuts and I created a Solo Editing Checklist and a Spice Up Your Writing Checklist for Early Finishers.

I bundled all of these bad boys together and you can find them in my TPT shop! I hope they help out your classes as much as they did mine. Let me know whatcha think!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Teacher Vows

In my heart of hearts, I believe that teachers should take teaching vows. Doctors have to! So why not us?? I've come up with a few of my own...what are yours?

Teacher Vows

* I will speak kindly to my students (even when it's very very hard)-remembering that they are little and see the world very differently.

*I will point out the good things I see in my class instead of only correcting the bad. You get more bees with honey anyway.

*I will remember that they are working to try to please me and that when they've done something wrong it makes them feel nervous. I will assuage their fears.

*I will remember that, to every child's parents, they are the most important bit of their lives.

*I will put on a smile even if I don't feel like it because my students didn't do anything wrong and don't deserve to be grouched at.

*I will drink coffee because, I swear, it makes me a better educator.

*I will contact my parents with any concerns before they contact me.

*I will do the extra stuff. Plant the seeds, find the fun unit, teach them something that ISN'T IN THE STANDARDS just because it's interesting. I will celebrate the holidays and do the extra little things.

For as long as I am a teacher, I will vow to work on these things and try to do them every. single. day.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hi there Friendlies,

I updated my blog over at Sparkly Quirky Lifebox after *ehem* 14 months...yikes! Anywho, feel free to check it out :)

Sparkly Quirky Lifebox

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Perfect Picnic...RUINED!

Hi Friends,

I've posted a new writing project and craftivity over on my TPT store :)

What is your *PERFECT* picnic? Where is it? What is on the menu? Who are you with? And what would happen if it got....RUINED???

Explore these ideas with your kiddos! This is a fun, creative narrative that keeps that "almost summertime" feeling alive, but still pushes your students to write a creative piece that includes a definitive introduction, problem, and solution.

Be sure to go check it out! Thanks!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I love learning.

I love that, as teachers, we are constantly learning.

We learn about our children, our subject areas, our workplace....

We learn about how to interact with the parents of our children.

That, friendlies, was my big lesson this year. I learned and I learned it well.

I learned that it is so IMPORTANT (yep, brought out all of the capital letters) to reach out and to contact them FIRST before they contact YOU.

Seems like a basic lesson, yes? For me it was something I struggled with, but I'm very glad that it's a lesson I learned. Learning this lesson (that hard way) has made me a better educator.

I am thankful. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Springtime is Blooming!

And what better way to celebrate Spring FINALLY making her grand appearance than with a writing project and craftivity??

"Dairy of a Seed" is my new product on Teachers Pay Teachers!

It's a great way for students to expand their knowledge on the life cycle of a seed. Students write journal entries for their seed and we watch it journey from seed to full grown plant! The kidlets really loved thinking about what the seed/seedling/sprout/plant was feeling. It was too cute!

The included craftivity has kiddos using their hands to create their own flower to attach to the finished writing project--the center of the flower, we voted, would be filled with a glitter design of their own invention. I loved seeing what they came up with :)

I also paired this activity with an actual seed growing project. We watched The Lorax as a special in class reward (the day we had to go to school on a SATURDAY...long story...snow day make up...) and while we watched, we planted our own marigold seeds. It was a great way to link the writing project to something they could really learn from as they watched it grow.

Head on over to TPT to check it out!