Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Writing Editing Checklists--For Primary AND Intermediate!

Hi Friends!

So, I'd started another writing project with my kiddos and as they were editing I realized I wanted them to go through more "concrete" steps in their editing processes. It seemed like they were just kind of skimming over their partner's work with a "Yep! That looks ok to me!" without really checking it.

And so (out of necessity) was born the Peer Editing Checklist!!

I loved how it got them to really think through each step of the editing process. So I got to thinkin' and I realized that I would want to use something similar to this when I moved up to 4th grade (eek! Still so excited!!) next year.....

And so (out of future necessity) was born the Peer Editing Checklist for Intermediate Grades!!

From there, I went a little nuts and I created a Solo Editing Checklist and a Spice Up Your Writing Checklist for Early Finishers.

I bundled all of these bad boys together and you can find them in my TPT shop! I hope they help out your classes as much as they did mine. Let me know whatcha think!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Perfect Picnic...RUINED!

Hi Friends,

I've posted a new writing project and craftivity over on my TPT store :)

What is your *PERFECT* picnic? Where is it? What is on the menu? Who are you with? And what would happen if it got....RUINED???

Explore these ideas with your kiddos! This is a fun, creative narrative that keeps that "almost summertime" feeling alive, but still pushes your students to write a creative piece that includes a definitive introduction, problem, and solution.

Be sure to go check it out! Thanks!!