Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Springtime is Blooming!

And what better way to celebrate Spring FINALLY making her grand appearance than with a writing project and craftivity??

"Dairy of a Seed" is my new product on Teachers Pay Teachers!

It's a great way for students to expand their knowledge on the life cycle of a seed. Students write journal entries for their seed and we watch it journey from seed to full grown plant! The kidlets really loved thinking about what the seed/seedling/sprout/plant was feeling. It was too cute!

The included craftivity has kiddos using their hands to create their own flower to attach to the finished writing project--the center of the flower, we voted, would be filled with a glitter design of their own invention. I loved seeing what they came up with :)

I also paired this activity with an actual seed growing project. We watched The Lorax as a special in class reward (the day we had to go to school on a SATURDAY...long story...snow day make up...) and while we watched, we planted our own marigold seeds. It was a great way to link the writing project to something they could really learn from as they watched it grow.

Head on over to TPT to check it out! 

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