Friday, April 25, 2014

Teacher Vows

In my heart of hearts, I believe that teachers should take teaching vows. Doctors have to! So why not us?? I've come up with a few of my own...what are yours?

Teacher Vows

* I will speak kindly to my students (even when it's very very hard)-remembering that they are little and see the world very differently.

*I will point out the good things I see in my class instead of only correcting the bad. You get more bees with honey anyway.

*I will remember that they are working to try to please me and that when they've done something wrong it makes them feel nervous. I will assuage their fears.

*I will remember that, to every child's parents, they are the most important bit of their lives.

*I will put on a smile even if I don't feel like it because my students didn't do anything wrong and don't deserve to be grouched at.

*I will drink coffee because, I swear, it makes me a better educator.

*I will contact my parents with any concerns before they contact me.

*I will do the extra stuff. Plant the seeds, find the fun unit, teach them something that ISN'T IN THE STANDARDS just because it's interesting. I will celebrate the holidays and do the extra little things.

For as long as I am a teacher, I will vow to work on these things and try to do them every. single. day.

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