Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TPT Updates

Hello there! I've made a few edits to projects over at my TPT store :) My freebie download has been revamped and so has the Positive Passport. 

Also, the Writing Editing Checklists have been broken down into separate products (one product for primary, and one product for intermediate). Be sure to check them out! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I'm joining the fun and having a SALE over on TPT! Be sure to go check it out :)

I've got some fun writing projects just perfect for spring and summer time! I've also got some editing checklists that are PERFECT for peer or solo editing (both primary and intermediate). Happy Shopping!!


Monday, May 5, 2014

May Currently (just a little late!)

OO So exciting! I haven't done a Currently in about a YEAR and I couldn't be more excited to be back in the linky lovin' game :) Thanks Farley!!

Listening: So Spotify has made some pretty fantastic playlists. I'm especially loving their "Mood Boost" playlist!! So many fun songs.

Loving: Cheesy, yes, but I am just LOVIN' on my honey. He's been so sweet and patient with all this end of the year stuff we have going on at the school. Plus look at this guy!

How can I not?!?! Plus a little birdy (aka ^That Dino Guy ^) told me a sparkly little blingy something could be on it's way very soon....eeeeee!!!!

Thinking: I am OVER this chilly weather!! Up here in northwest Indiana we've had six MONTHS of winter. We had 181 days under 70 degrees. That just should not happen in the real world so I am OVER the cold. OVER IT. DO YA HEAR ME?!?!? DONE!!

Wanting: Some of those cutesie lace TOMS! So femine! So girly!! So cute!! So I need to put them on my feet already.... :)

Needing: I really need to come up with a cute end of the year gift idea for the kidlets...but I'm drawing a real blank. Anyone out there have any ideas?? What are you guys doing??

Surprise: So Funky Fresh Firsties caught my eye because of her SUPER cute button :) It's got coffee...I love coffee...I'm sure you smarty pants readers can put that one together. As I read, she's got SO many cute ideas so be sure to check out what she's got to say! Check Her Out!