Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Peek at My Week: Week 2

Arriving late to the party (per usual...) Here is my week two! Thanks to Mrs. Wills for hosting :)

Science: This is my first year that science has been a requirement and I have to say that I {LOVE LOVE LOVE} it. I've been using a lot of great videos from brainpop, ed.ted.com (educational TED talks videos), and youtube for inspiration. This week we're studying the earth and it's movement within the solar system.

Math: ALL ABOUT AREA! And shapes. And using shapes to find area. We definitely do a lot of fun group work during this time. Though it's juuuust about time to get those math rotations up and running...

Reading: 30 Day Reading Program Launch (though to be honest, I definitely don't think it's going to take 30 days....) I love the 30 day daily 5 launch in the lower grades. I think it's fabulous! But I also think that you have to look at the class you're working with and this particular class of mine has been doing Daily 5 since Kindergarten. For them it's like riding a bike. So 30 days? It'll probably be more like 15-20.

Writing: We're launching Writer's Workshop and starting our first WRITING PROJECT!!! No Bad Apples Here (available at my TPT store--shameless plug over).

Social Studies: This is another new one for me. 4th grade studies Indiana History and I have to say that I'm getting PRETTY excited :) We start unit one this week.

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