Sunday, August 31, 2014

Peek at My Week: Week 3



Here's what we're up to this week....

Math: We've offcially started MULTIPLICATION AND DIVISION MODELS!! Yikes. I'm on my way to TPT to see if I can find some inspiration :)

Science: It's a test week! We'll be busy reviewing chapter one, which is all about how the Earth moves within our solar system.

Reading: The launch continues with some very "Book Specific" lessons. I especially like the one about abandoning books...something we deal with even as grownups. At least I do....

Writing: We're continuing our Bad Apple project! It's a great way to keep their little brainboxes focused on what is and isn't "ok" at school. Something that, with older kids especially it seems, starts to get pushed to the back burner preeeetty quickly after the school year starts. It's available at my TPT Store :) Here's the link!

Indiana History: We're mostly sticking to the book at this point...any ideas on how I could spice things up?? I'm open to anything!

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