Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Peek at my Week...

All of you fabulous teachers out there have inspired me to make the jump and start posting my lesson plans on my blog. So, I'm linking up with Mrs.Wills' Kindergarten and shall begin to visually share my weekly lesson plans....YIKES!

Intimidating? Yes. 

Makin' me nervous??? Also yes. 

But you never know until you just try it and see how it goes--so! I'm making the jump.

I haven't started school yet, but I was inspired by Mrs. Wills who posted a quick snapshot of what a typical day in her classroom looks like!

Now, just to be clear and honest, I haven't actually taught 4th grade yet haha. I have taught 3 years of 2nd grade, but zero days of 4th grade (unless you count student teaching, in which case I've taught three-ish months of 4th grade) I guess this is really just an "I hope and plan for my day to look like this" snapshot. As of right now, it's a combination of my second grade schedule, the schedule of my new 4th grade team members, and what I would like to accomplish within a day. I'll keep you all updated on how well my potential plans go ;)

Now HERE are a few of the resources I've found helpful in years past and hope to use this year as well.

I really love using the Daily Practice series by Evan-Moore in the mornings while the kidlets are getting settled. I feel like it's a quick and fairly easy way for them to get their little brainboxes moving and shaking as soon as they get to school. 

ANYTHING BY HOPE KING IS GOLD. I stand by this statement. I really and truly LOVE her monthly math centers. They have been life savers in my classroom and the kids love 'em.

Finally (of course...) the Daily 5. If you haven't found your way to this book yet, please please please go and read it now :) It's turned my students (even the littles) into independent workers. The ideas within this book are fabulous and have done so much for how smoothly my classroom runs during the 90 min. reading block. 

Here are the links to my resources!

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