Ideas That Have Worked

May 29, 2012
The almighty Sub Tub!

I saw this idea online--looking back I CANNOT for the life of me remember where--but it really has put my mind at rest. This is a tub that's created specifically for those days when you wake up with some version of the Bubonic Plague (or some other dastardly, ridiculous illness), cannot make it to school, and didn't have time to come up with detailed sub plans (as a type-A personality, the mere THOUGHT of this happening chilled me to my very core--No time to write detailed sub plans?!?! Inconceivable.) **ENTER THE SUB TUB** This little guy has everything  necessary for a sub to run the classroom for the entire day. I got the actual materials inside the tub from Clutter Free Classroom's TPT's the link. If you have time to read her blog, you should because she's GREAT.

The first few hanging folders contain the following:
Welcome Letter
Student Snapshots (a little information about each student--who tends to be chatty, who needs a little extra work time or support, etc.)
Daily Schedule (what our day usually looks like--each day of the week included)
Schedule Maps (a few blank schedule maps for the sub to use to plan the day)

The Rest of the Tub
Reading, Spelling, Writing, and Math worksheets (all copied and ready to go) from Clutter Free Classroom's Emergency Sub Kit (again: here's that link.
Emergency Read Alouds (a few paperbacks put into the tub for the sub to read in case they need a time filler)

Again, this is a great way to ease the mind should you ever be in a situation where you don't have the time to make a detailed sub plan.

May 25, 2012
So, I really needed a way to organize my weekly stuff--I saw this idea on pinterest, used it, loved it, and thought I'd pass it along! A dish drainer used to hold file folders--the place where the silverware goes is where I keep all of my grading pens. I lurve it. 

And a place for grading pens!

Artsy side view.

My folders are labeled with days of the week and keep my crazy self organized haha

December 5, 2011
Once upon a time, I had 26 little voices asking me, "Miss Rudakas? I'm done...what do I do now?" So I made this wall display for my class. I introduced it to the class and since then not a single "What do I do now??????"has been spoken. And there was peace throughout the

Wall displays rock my tiny classroom world.