Thursday, May 14, 2015

Final Countdown!!! Summer Countdown Activities and Display

For so many of us, it's getting close to the final days of the school year. {Hooray!!} I love my kiddos, but I will also be enjoying every SECOND of summer vacation.

To celebrate the last ten days of school, I've created a Countdown To Summer Break Display and Activity set. It includes 15 different (LOW/NO PREP) activities (ya know, so you can have some options) and a display for your classroom. Enjoy the last few weeks, everyone!!

It's over at my TPT Store now :) 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Prefix and Suffix Twiter

Hi Friends! Are you looking for a fun, low prep game for the end of the school year that STILL meets standards?! Look no further! Introducing....

Prefix and Suffix Twister!

It's the classic game of Twister....with a *TWIST* (Get it? See what I did there?) This game helps students review and differentiate between suffixes and prefixes.

Recently posted over at my teachers pay teachers store, this game is a great little game to fill up some time at the end of the year while still getting in some good content! (plus, all you have to do is print and laminate...LOVE the low prep!!)

Go on over and check it out! :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

No Bad Apples Here!

Hi Friends!

Being in the midst of prepping for my new grade has really got the creativity flowing!! That being said, I posted a new product to Teachers Pay Teachers. It's a great little beginning of the school year writing project that is ALL about the do's and don't's of school.

I tell the (very quick) story of two rival schools--Golden Apple North Elementary and Bad Seed Central--that were forced to combine into one school! The crazy little apples have picked teams and chosen sides. They call themselves The Good Apples and The Bad Apples....*cue dramatic music*

For the writing prompt, your students must choose a side (are they good apples or bad apples) and come up with 10 rules (and reasons) for their side. I love that this project opens up the discussion of what is and is not "ok" at school. What's a good idea and what's not.

Here it is! If you click on the picture, it'll take you right to my TPT store :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TPT Updates

Hello there! I've made a few edits to projects over at my TPT store :) My freebie download has been revamped and so has the Positive Passport. 

Also, the Writing Editing Checklists have been broken down into separate products (one product for primary, and one product for intermediate). Be sure to check them out! 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Writing Editing Checklists--For Primary AND Intermediate!

Hi Friends!

So, I'd started another writing project with my kiddos and as they were editing I realized I wanted them to go through more "concrete" steps in their editing processes. It seemed like they were just kind of skimming over their partner's work with a "Yep! That looks ok to me!" without really checking it.

And so (out of necessity) was born the Peer Editing Checklist!!

I loved how it got them to really think through each step of the editing process. So I got to thinkin' and I realized that I would want to use something similar to this when I moved up to 4th grade (eek! Still so excited!!) next year.....

And so (out of future necessity) was born the Peer Editing Checklist for Intermediate Grades!!

From there, I went a little nuts and I created a Solo Editing Checklist and a Spice Up Your Writing Checklist for Early Finishers.

I bundled all of these bad boys together and you can find them in my TPT shop! I hope they help out your classes as much as they did mine. Let me know whatcha think!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Perfect Picnic...RUINED!

Hi Friends,

I've posted a new writing project and craftivity over on my TPT store :)

What is your *PERFECT* picnic? Where is it? What is on the menu? Who are you with? And what would happen if it got....RUINED???

Explore these ideas with your kiddos! This is a fun, creative narrative that keeps that "almost summertime" feeling alive, but still pushes your students to write a creative piece that includes a definitive introduction, problem, and solution.

Be sure to go check it out! Thanks!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Positive Passport

Hi Friends! It's been busy here in second grade. With all the chilly weather, we've had quite a few two hour delays and days where going outside for recess was NOT an option.

The kiddos have gotten a little squirrely to say the least.

I had a couple of kidlets that really needed some extra incentive to stay on track so I created the Positive Passport. It allows the kiddos to write down their goals and get their passport "stamped" at different points during the day to track whether or not they're meeting the goals they created for themselves. Each page tracks behavior for an entire week so kiddos can see their progress from day to day or even week to week! It's really helped out around here :)

I've posted it over in my TPT shop! Here's the link :)